Body Melt Weight Loss System

The Body Melt Weight Loss System offers a comprehensive approach to sustainable weight loss through its four core pillars—Detox, Nourish, Build, and Accelerate—complete with supplements, meal plans, and a supportive online community.

Body Melt Weight Loss System

Body Melt Weight Loss System

The Body Melt Weight Loss System is a holistic approach to weight loss and overall wellness, built on four core pillars: Detox, Nourish, Build, and Accelerate. It combines carefully formulated supplements, meal plans, and workout suggestions to offer a comprehensive roadmap for transforming your health. With a 60-day money-back guarantee and supportive online community, this program aims to provide not just temporary weight loss, but a sustainable lifestyle change.

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What is the Body Melt Weight Loss System?

The Body Melt Weight Loss System offers a multi-faceted approach to wellness, focusing on four primary pillars: Detox, Nourish, Build, and Accelerate. The Detox phase aims to cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from modern eating habits and processed foods. The Nourish pillar focuses on nutrient-dense foods that fuel the body and support overall health. Both of these stages set the foundation for the subsequent phases of the program, aiming to rectify the shortcomings of traditional diet plans that often lack essential nutrients and long-term sustainability.

The Build and Accelerate pillars add a dynamic component to the program. The Build phase emphasizes physical fitness and muscle mass, transforming participants into more efficient calorie-burning entities. The Accelerate phase is designed to kick the metabolism into higher gear, aiming for sustainable weight loss and long-term wellness. This comprehensive system is bolstered by structured plans, shopping lists, recipes, and an online community, offering a more holistic approach to weight loss and well-being.

How does Body Melt Weight Loss System work?

The BodyMelt Weight Loss System is designed around a comprehensive 4 Pillar approach, targeting various aspects of health and wellness to offer a holistic solution. The first pillar, Detox, aims to cleanse the body of harmful toxins using the BodyMelt Detox supplement, preparing it for better nutrient absorption. This is followed by the Nourish Pillar, which focuses on providing essential nutrients through supplements like BodyMelt Micro Bio and BodyMelt Greens Superfood Blend. These products aim to fill nutritional gaps and energize the body, offering a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fibers, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants.

The third pillar, Build, emphasizes muscle development to boost metabolism and calorie burning. For this, the program incorporates BodyMelt Plant-Based Protein Shakes, providing 20 grams of plant-based protein per serving. The final pillar, Accelerate, rounds off the program by focusing on metabolic acceleration through the BodyMelt Burn supplement, which is designed to offer sustained energy and enhanced metabolic rate. The 30-Day BodyMelt Pack integrates these four pillars into a unified program, complete with supplements, a shopping list, and recipes to guide participants through their wellness journey. As always, consulting healthcare providers before embarking on any new health regimen is advised.

Is there a money-back guarantee for Body Melt weight loss products?

Yes, Body Melt products by MyDailyChoice come with a 60-day return policy for a refund, less the cost of shipping and handling. This allows customers the opportunity to try the products and, if unsatisfied, return them within two months for a refund. For assistance with a return or refund, customers can call +1 (888) 877-5436 or email

What kind of support does the Body Melt Weight Loss Program offer?

The Body Melt Weight Loss Program offers a structured approach to weight loss and wellness through its 4 Pillars—Detox, Nourish, Build, and Accelerate. Alongside the range of physical products, such as supplements and shakes, the program comes with a shopping list and set of recipes. It provides a detailed daily plan that includes workout options, meal schedules, and supplement recommendations.

In addition to these resources, the program also includes support via an online community. Specifically, there is a dedicated Facebook support group for participants, which can be accessed at Body Melt Program Facebook Group. This adds a social aspect to the program, where participants can share their experiences, ask questions, and seek advice. For further queries, the company can be reached through their customer support line at +1 (888) 877-5436 or via email at

Reviews (10)

  • Aaron Hedges
    From United States

    This is the cleanest, best tasting, and amazing shake I've ever used!! I'm still baffled how it can be so affordable when I've spent over double the price on other shakes that weren't even as good of quality as this one!! Homerun!! Helping me achieve my health goals

  • Jennifer Lynn
    From United States

    I have to share that I absolutely love the ease of the BodyMelt system and knowing that it is helping me fulfill my goal of eating clean this year! I feel better! My clothes are fitting better! And my energy is much higher than it's been in a long while! Over the years I've found that eating healthy is a matter of having good 'tools' in your 'tool kit' so to speak and BodyMelt is full of the easiest and best tools I've found! Eat clean. Drink clean. Feel better.

  • Whittney Ergle
    From United States

    Micro Bio keeps my gut in check, my skin has a so much clearer appearance, I haven't felt this good in a long time! It is amazing the overall health and wellness i have felt from just this one product! I'll share it with the world

  • Kristy Collicutt
    From Canada

    I'm a holistic nutritionist and these are the best protein powders I have ever tasted! The ingredients are clean, and no aftertaste. It blends well with anything. Pairs amazing with the rest of the Bodymelt kit!

  • Pam LeBlanc
    From Canada

    I love these shakes. I have not been able to drink any of the shakes from elsewhere. They are either gritty or just plain awful. These shakes I can drink and they really do work.

  • Sharon Porter
    From United States

    The flavor and texture of the chocolate shake is so yummy, it truly feels like I'm indulging in a special treat every time I drink one. I can't wait to try the Vanilla next!

  • Dave MacPherson
    From Canada

    The Body Melt Vanilla Shake is Delicious! I’ve had the Vanilla Shake and Greens, I’ve just started, this Brand and fully support it!

  • Fabiola Flores
    From Costa Rica

    Esta proteína en primer lugar es deliciosa !!!!, me encanta saber que no es de origen animal, y me ha ayudado a la pérdida de peso y construcción ,y mantenimiento muscular que con la edad vamos necesitando cada vez más ! Lo recomiendo 100%

  • Dave Thompson
    From United States

    Wow! Over the years I have used A LOT of protein products, especially in the shake form. These are absolutely the BEST tasting shakes I have ever had! I love both of them with the Body Melt High Performance Energy Blend, which is peach and mango flavored! It REALLY makes the vanilla taste like an Orange Cream Sickle shake to me! This is an incredible way to lose weight and get healthy!

  • Alexis Lavoie
    From United States

    This is the Best protein shake i have ever had, I love it . It has a nice smooth taste not clumpy and i find that after i drink one shake i am not as hungry. I have been having this 2 times a day once in the am , i mix with greens and fruit and that is my breakfast, then again at night as my supper, along with watching what i eat, i have been taking off my weight. I am also doing the whole Body Melt system and love it Its helping to get the weight off and keep it This is worth every penny,

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