Hempworx Hair Serum

Smooth, silky, and healthy hair without the weight, powered by organic hemp seed oil.

Hempworx Pure Glow Hair Serum

Hempworx Hair Serum

Hempworx Pure Glow Hair Serum is an Organic Hemp Seed Oil Serum designed to give your hair a smooth, silky, and healthy appearance without weighing it down. Enriched with nourishing hemp seed oil, this serum aims to add gloss and softness, reducing frizz caused by weather elements. Prepare for a stunning debut with hair that looks exceptionally vibrant and beautiful.

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What are the main ingredients in Hempworx Hair Serum and what do they do?

The Hempworx Hair Serum is formulated with a blend of ingredients designed to enhance the health and appearance of hair. Propylene Glycol acts as a humectant and solvent, which helps to retain moisture and ensures the hair remains hydrated and soft. The silicones, Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone, along with Phenyl Trimethicone, serve as conditioning agents, creating a protective layer over the hair strands. This layer helps to smooth the cuticle, add shine, and prevent moisture loss, giving the hair a silky and smooth feel without weighing it down. Glycerin, a potent humectant, is included to attract moisture from the air into the hair, helping to keep strands hydrated and soft.

Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, also known as hemp seed oil, is a standout ingredient in the formulation. It is rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, and antioxidants and is known to nourish and moisturize the scalp and hair, promoting potentially healthier and stronger strands. The serum also contains color and shimmer agents, including Mica, Titanium Dioxide, and Iron Oxides, that contribute to the product’s ability to impart a radiant, luminous shine to the hair. DMDM Hydantoin and Phenoxyethanol act as preservatives to maintain the product's quality by preventing bacterial and fungal growth. Additionally, the serum is crafted to have a pleasant scent, achieved through the inclusion of a Fragrance component in the formula. It's important for consumers to assess their hair's needs and potential sensitivities, especially considering the presence of silicones and fragrances in this product.

Is Hemp Hair Serum good for your hair?

Firstly, Hemp Hair Serum is typically rich in essential nutrients, most notably hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is known for its high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which are known to nourish the scalp and enhance the health of your hair. These fatty acids can help to strengthen brittle strands, making your hair less prone to breakage and split ends. Additionally, the proteins in hemp seed oil can help to improve the keratin structure of your hair, making strands appear healthier and more vibrant. Hemp seed oil is also known for its deep moisturizing properties, which can help to combat dry and damaged hair, restoring its natural luster and softness without making it greasy.

Secondly, besides hemp seed oil, Hemp Hair Serums often contain other beneficial ingredients such as silicones and humectants. Silicones, like Dimethicone, can form a protective layer over the hair strand, helping to lock in moisture, tame frizz, and impart a silky, smooth finish. Humectants, such as Propylene Glycol and Glycerin, attract moisture from the environment and bind it to your hair, ensuring that your strands remain hydrated and plump. It's worth noting that while these ingredients can offer immediate aesthetic improvements, making the hair appear shinier and feel softer, they may not necessarily improve the health of the hair in the long term. Furthermore, some people might find that certain ingredients, such as silicones, may build up on their hair over time, which could potentially weigh down the hair or make it appear greasy.

Does Hemp Hair Serum help hair grow?

The primary way in which Hemp Hair Serum might indirectly support hair growth is through its nourishing and fortifying properties. Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, such as Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are known to nourish the scalp and hair follicles. These fatty acids can reduce inflammation in the scalp, promoting a healthier environment for hair growth. Additionally, the oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, which may strengthen the hair shaft, making existing hair appear healthier and possibly preventing breakage. By reducing breakage and split ends, hair may appear to grow longer and thicker over time because healthier hair is more likely to retain length.

However, it is important to manage expectations. While Hemp Hair Serum can certainly help nourish the scalp and protect the hair, creating optimal conditions for hair growth, it is not a proven solution for significant hair regrowth or for treating conditions like alopecia areata or pattern baldness. Individuals experiencing significant hair loss should consult with a healthcare professional, such as a dermatologist, who can recommend proven treatments based on the individual's specific condition and needs. In some cases, these treatments may include topical solutions like minoxidil or prescription medications.

Reviews (10)

  • Amanda Forminio
    From United States

    My daughter had such knotty tangled hair that would take us FOREVER to brush, until this magic gold!! I put it In her hair makes it easier to handle, smells amazing, and she feels good using it! #MomWin!

  • Eniko & Balazs Voros
    From Hungary

    Enikő: This serum is the final touch of my hair care routine, I love the smell and I love that I feel my hair healthy and shiny after it. Nálam az arany szérum a hajmosás, hajszárítás utáni utolsó simítás. Egyszerűen imádom az illatát, és azt hogy milyen egészségessé és fényessé varázsolja a hajam. Kihagyhatatlan.

  • Birinyi Erika
    From Hungary

    Olyan érzés az otthoni hajkezelés ezzel a szérummal, mintha egy fodrász szalonból léptél volna ki. Fantasztikus.

  • Kenna M Korth
    From United States

    Saving my hair from Frama! Hair Fro Drama that is!! I have super thick and curly hair. This time of year my hair gets super frizzy!! Hemp pure glow has made my hair so manageable. My Dad has thin hair and it's actually been helping his tender scalp. This Hemp Serum is Amazing for all hair types.

  • Mollie Manners
    From United States

    This product has helped my hair so much I love it I use it every time I wash my hair! My hair went from being knotty and dry and so tangled but when I use this it’s so easy to brush and I don’t have any issues with my hair being knitted like I did before! This product is amazing!!

  • Jaidyn Winnicki
    From Canada

    I am obsessed with this serum! My hair has never been treated so well before! I have incredible bleach damage from my teenage years and when I use this LIQUID GOLD, my hair is HAPPY, soft, shiny and ultimately FEELING GREAT <3 I use this on wet hair and dry hair! Helps with my frizziness and static!

  • Lisa Brickett
    From United States

    Shine baby! That’s what I love! Yes! So soft! I get nothing but compliments! If your hair is thirsty this is an amazing product!

  • Mollie Manners
    From United States

    This product has helped my hair so much I love it I use it every time I wash my hair! My hair went from being knotty and dry and so tangled but when I use this it’s so easy to brush and I don’t have any issues with my hair being knitted like I did before! This product is amazing!!

  • Teresa Sproles
    From United States

    I honestly love it! I have fine naturally curly hair so when it dries it’s not always smooth, especially in a dry winter it can get a little frizzy. I normally have to use a leave in conditioner and spray it with stuff that smooths my curls then blow dry it and straighten it because the curls are too frizzy. I didn’t use any of that now. I use this Hemp serum and it eliminates the use of 2 extra products and extra steps saving me money plus I don’t use much of this so it last me months and months! I only used 2 pumps, about a dime size in my hand, ran my hands through my hair, I let it air dry and I got smooth curls. My hair is so smooth, silky soft and didn’t weigh down my fine hair. It’s also actually feeding my hair. This bottle lasted me a little over a yr!

  • Montse Fernandez
    From Spain

    Simplemente fantástico este suero para el cabello, me da luminosidad, brillo, se siente sedoso, huele super rico, me encanta la textura. Para mí no hay otro mejor !!! A seguir brillando .

Additional Information

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone, Water, Phenyl Trimethicone, Glycerin, Polyacrylamide, C13-14 Isparaffin, Laureth-7, Fragrance, DMDM Hydantoin, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides. ** This product does not contain CBD or THC.
Directions: Apply 2-3 Drops of Organic Hemp Seed Oil Serum into palm of hand and rub hands together, distributing it evenly throughout your hair. For best results, use with Hempworx Shampoo and Conditioner.
Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if irritation develops. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.