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Fast acting nutrition and Up to 98% absorption unlike pills and capsules.

Hempworx Sprays
Discover the Innovation of Daily Sprays Technology

With its brilliant micronized system, Daily Sprays provide a balanced dose of wellness in an ultrafine mist. Delivering the perfect blend of ingredients whenever and wherever you need it most. Learn more about the advanced technology behind Daily Sprays.

Effortless Daily Wellness in a Simple Daily Sprays

Newly formulated Daily Sprays are delivering more potent effects and more targeted results than ever. Thanks to a genius little micronized delivery system, Daily Sprays are the go-to vitamin spray to help your body get what it needs throughout the day.

With proven natural ingredients and extensive 3rd party testing to ensure quality and safety, Daily Sprays are the pocket-sized way to live each day in health and confidence.

MyDailyChoice Daily Sprays are up to 98% absorption unlike pills and capsules.

In an age when technology is revolutionizing health for millions of people, we wanted to combine the best of tech and wellness into a complete lineup of go anywhere sprays.

Daily Sprays are your go-to supplements that deliver a spritz of nourishment in a genius little micronized delivery system–any time of day you need it.

With pocket-sized sprays that fit easily in your car, travel bag, purse, or drawer, Daily Sprays are always on hand to boost your everyday performance, support your body’s needs, and deliver the right energy for any moment.

Hempworx CBD Oil and CBD Products
  • Daily Spray Value Packs
  • Trim 365 Spray
  • Peak Spray
  • Boost Spray
  • Brain Spray
  • Sleep Spray
  • Beauty Spray
  • Core Keto Spray
  • E-Cell Sprays
  • Passion Spray
  • Shield Spray
  • Ultra CZ Spray