Hemp Momma Clothing

Hemp Momma Clothing

Highest Quality of Hemp Clothing Available!

Hemp Momma Clothing
Sustainable Clothing From Mother Earth

Our products are wear-tested to make sure they work for you. Discover a clothing line as confident, powerful, resilient and beautiful as you are. Hemp Momma is all about your comfort, your lifestyle, your look. We think you’re going to love these fabrics as much as we do.

Made With You & Nature in Mind

Have you ever wondered what impact the clothing you wear has on our environment? We did, and that's why hemp is our primary focus.

At Hemp Momma we are guided by the principle “leave it better than you found it.” Every decision concerning our materials and manufacturing process is made with that in mind. We believe style and sustainability should go hand-in-hand. We blend hemp, one of the oldest and most sustainable natural fabrics with complementary yarns to offer appealing products that are soft, comfortable and gentle for the planet.

Hemp Is Where It All Begins

Hemp is sustainable by nature and earth friendly. This renewable super fiber is naturally pest resistant and doesn’t deplete the soil.

Why is hemp so good?

Hemp becomes more comfortable the more you wear it. It's easy to care for and very durable. Hemp is far better for the environment than most materials you’ll find in your closet. It is arguably the oldest, strongest, naturally earth friendly grown fiber. We think this is the most amazing thing of all: when blended with other materials hemp is also one of the softest and most cozy materials you’ve ever experienced. It truly is incredible!

  • Natural grown fiber, making it biodegradable
  • Strong & durable
  • Requires half as much water to grow as cotton
  • Absorbent
  • Regenerative and leaves topsoil in great condition
  • Doesn't require pesticides or herbicides